M Miley 360wMarion Miley – From her first golf tournament at 17 years old, Marion was a winner. Young, pretty, talented and smart, she had everything to conquer golf’s national stage. The family moved into an apartment at the Lexington Country Club when Fred Miley was named golf pro. To the Miley women, the country club was home, but to the robbers, it represented unimagined wealth. When fantasy met reality, it resulted in a shocking crime with devastating consequences for everyone.

Eslie Miley | Mother of Marion Miley GolferElsie Miley – A German immigrant who grew up in Buffalo, N.Y., Elsie was Marion’s mother as well as the country club’s office manager. As the only child, Marion was the center of her mother’s world. Elsie proved it the night of the robbery when despite being shot three times, she crawled 200 yards over gravel and dirt to get Marion help. 

Fred Miley
– “All that I am in golf, I owe to my father,” Marion once said about Fred. He was her first teacher, her toughest critic and her biggest fan. He wasn’t able to make it to the highest echelon of golf, but he believed his daughter could. While he had kept his family safe from the Great Depression’s economic hardships, Fred couldn’t protect them from the most serious threat of all – desperate men who would do anything, including murder, for money.

Frances “Fritz” Laval – One of Marion’s closest friends, Fritz was perhaps the real hero in the doomed golfer’s story. A treasure-trove of items belonging to Marion – her golf clubs, a watch and the scrapbooks that Marion assembled nine months before she died – were discovered in the basement of a Lexington home once owned by Fritz. She had kept them safe almost 50 years, even after her own death.

Tom Penney – He came from a solid family with strong roots to Anderson County, Kentucky. But after his father died when the boy was only 12, Tom Penney lost his way in a series of crimes and prison sentences. On the night of the robbery, his instincts told him repeatedly not to go through with it.

Bob Anderson
– Cunning and self-assured, Anderson considered himself the smartest person in the room. Even though he was an ex-con, he still had the financial resources to hire high-priced defense attorneys. Anderson also used every manipulative trick he had on Penney, regardless of consequences.

Raymond “Skeeter” Baxter
– The crime’s inside man, Skeeter worked for the country club first as a caddy and later as a greenskeeper. Mrs. Miley trusted him. She liked him. He betrayed that friendship by hatching a robbery plan that went terribly wrong.