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Listen to this two-part interview about, "The Murder of Marion Miley" with Jameson Cable and the Kentucky History Podcast.
Where and how did I find Marion Miley's long forgotten scrapbooks? Books that she assembled herself? How was I finally able to interview the son of one of the killers? A child whose name was changed after the crime? What part of my book was actually the beginning in an earlier draft? 

Listen to my interview with Dean Karayanis from the History Author Show. Dean does a great job drilling down on all these questions and much more. 

History Author Show Interview
"...Among the ways that true crime authors set and maintain hooks in their readers is through establishing a need for lots of time-period detail, or matters of geographic curiosities, or knowledge of special skills. Author Beverly Bell is very well prepared, as her historical tale is brimming with all of these: a murder case with a primary victim whose success brought her teasingly close to being a household name; settings featuring old-money institutions in the Bluegrass and beyond; and the world of 1930s golf, when many of today’s “hallowed traditions” had barely gotten off the ground..." T.E. Lyons, LeoWeekly

Full Review:

Happy Birthday, Marion Miley! Beautiful and silly and curious, she was one of this country’s leading women golfers beginning in the mid 1930s; a gifted horsewoman; lover of music; talented writer and aspiring doctor. Proving once again she was so much more than how she died, tragically murdered at the age of 27.
Neither snow nor ice nor a scary pandemic stopped this wonderful Zoom get-together with the Saratoga Book Club in Virginia. Fun group!
Thanks to Kentucky Monthly for naming The Murder of Marion Miley as one of their February 2021 Favorites!

November 11, 2020, Noon Eastern Time - Kentucky Book Festival (Virtual) - Beverly is on a panel discussing, "The Path to Publishing" - how to go from writing in your spare time to holding your published book.

Register here: The Path to Publishing


Interview with, "Tales from the Kentucky Room" podcast
"The Murder of Marion Miley Revisited"

Listen to Beverly talk about all the mistakes made during the crime, which resulted in the deaths of Marion and her mother.

 "How NOT to Commit a Murder" on YouTube


Book review from The MetGolfer, which is published by the Metropolitan Golf Association in New York.

The MetGolfer book review of, "The Murder of Marion Miley"


Listen to the beginning of, “The Murder of Marion Miley” in this short reading Beverly did for the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning.

Opening of, "The Murder of Marion Miley"


Newspaper Book Review:

Golf Star's Murder Inspires Bell's Work


Radio Interview - New Book on Infamous Lexington Murder Seeks to Paint Fuller Picture of Marion Miley

WUKY Radio feature on, "The Murder of Marion Miley"

Radio Interview with Those Weekend Golf Guys

Murder of a Golf Legend

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